Tottenham Community Choir

Tottenham Community Choir 2019 Winter Concert

One of the first community activities I got started when I left fulltime work was to invite some neighbours and interested people together to create

Tottenham Community Choir.

Tottenham Community Choir (TCC) was established in 2009 by local residents, with the help of a Making The Difference grant from Haringey Council, to provide opportunities for people in Tottenham and surrounding neighbourhoods to meet their neighbours and sing together.   New and experienced singers of all ages and voices are welcome, and you do not have to audition. 

Nicki Williamson has led the choir since 2011 and continues to encourage and inspire members to develop their voices and exceed their own expectations. 

Twelve years on TCC is now a well-established choir. We will soon be back singing together in-person. Over the years it has been very successful local community resource.

Tottenham Community Choir got off to a lively, successful start.
Attendance was good and twelve years on it is going from strength to stength.

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