Nottinghill Carnival 2018 photographer Jack Taylor

When I left full-time work in 2008, my aim was to return to dancing and community activities. My successful management career at City & Guilds had been interesting. I enjoyed working with the Health and Social Care sector and leading teams of colleagues developing qualifications and learning materials; but I wanted to dance again whilst I still had my health and lots of energy. I did not know what to expect.

I had learned Russian style classical ballet as a child and teenager with Miss Linden, a local ballet teacher, then for a year I was a student at Aida Foster Stage School 1964-1965 learning RAD ballet, tap, jazz dance and musical comedy before studying and dancing at The Laban Movement Studio, Addlestone 1966-1968 and completed my teaching qualification at Trent Park College of Education 1968-1969. I taught dance in secondary and primary schools and later whilst working at City & Guilds 1976-1980 I started dance sessions during lunchtimes and this gave me confidence to teach adults. I became a Haringey Adult Education tutor in 1978. Whilst at home when my sons were small from 1980-1987, I continued teaching and tutoring dance sessions, returning to City & Guilds fulltime in 1987-2008 and my dancing activities ended.

In 2008 I thought I was ‘an adult who wanted to dance again‘ but soon realised there were few dance opportunities available for what I wanted to do and if I was not careful, I might be pigeon-holed into gentle, graceful, fun dance for the elderly and frail.

In 2009, there was a BBC TV programme about ‘The Company of Elders’. I attended a workshop that complemented the programme. Since then I have not looked back.

What happened has been beyond my expectations. I have been so fortunate, with many opportunities to develop my dance capabilities and to enable others to enjoy dancing in expressive ways. This included creating and managing Creative Dance 60+ in Tottenham. I have been encouraged by many talented, kind people and I have been able to learn from them, develop my capabilities as an older dancer and share ideas.

During COVID-19 dance sessions continued on-line but recently I have begun dance sessions in-person again and I am so pleased. I have also returned to ballet classes as well as continuing creative, contemporary dance sessions and performing again. I hope to continue dancing for as long as I can. See the performance page for some videos

The following are many of the organisations and dance artists I have been involved with either as a participant, performer, friend, advisor or colleague. The links to various websites promote the work of the organisations, talented dance artists, choreographers and performers.

Molly Wright Director and choreographer for Damn Fine Dance
The Place
Laban Guild International
Claremont Project
Luke Birch Choreographer and Dance artist
Yanaelle Thiran Dance Artist and co-director of Company Concentric

Performance of ‘Halprin’s Imprint’ in Chichester (2020)
Marie Forbes
Simona Scotto
Counterpoint Dance Company

People Dancing -The Foundation for Community Dance

Rosemary Lee Calling Tree, Tottenham 2016

Julia Pond

Sage Dance Company

The Audience Club European Project, held at The Place

Lifevisionfitness – personal trainer, rehabilitation and massage therapist.
See Flowing with cancer page for more information
Silver Fit
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Jerwood Dancehouse

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