Performance Activities

Taken by the Hand

‘Taken by the Hand’ is a collection of five worlds colliding for one unifying dance. Our movement represents time, its passage and its impact, our emotive performance is combined with messages of community. As an antidote to the zeitgeist of youth, our film directly faces the topic of age. Its narrative celebrates our elders whilst hearing honest accounts of their place within today’s society and how their experiences with dance have re-informed their perceptions around aging. It is an unapologetic account of life, set to the backdrop of Tottenham

Dancers: Bob Williamson Jackie Richards Patricia Anastasi Pew Kan Wendy A Powell Director: Tom Sloan @tomsl0an Creative Director &Choreographer: Elizabeth Arifien @elizabethrosearifien Director of photography: Alex Reid Art Director: Tim Hughes @timb0jones Editor: Ben Boullier @boutube Composer & Instrumentalist: Sabio Janiak -@mastering_hermony_centre Stylist: Lorna McGee Production: Lalaland Production @lalalandproductions

La Coste Trainers advert

Four of us from Damn Fine Dance appeared in a new promotion advert for Lacoste sneakers. It is part of a wider cultural campaign and promotion for their new season’s footwear. We had an enjoyable day at a studio rehearsing, dancing, observing and being pampered by stylists, hairdresser, choreographer and technical crew. What an exhausting enjoyable day.

Click here to see the video and learn more about the advert. think the advert is very innovative for NOW! It shows adults of different ages sharing their passions and participating in music and dance. At long last media is seeing older and younger people in new ways as adults who are involved in meaningful activities.

Halprin’s Imprint

Halprin’s Imprint

What if ageing was an empowering process? Yanelle and Jackie aged 25 And 71, share the vision that dance can positively transform lives. In ‘Halprin’s Imprint’, we pay tribute to American dance artist Anna Halprin (B. 1920). Drawing from their own life experience, they reimagine Halprin’s first encounter with dance, some of her ground-breaking work with the San Francisco Dancers’ Workshop and her Investigation of dance as a healing practice.

Choreography: Yanaëlle Thiran
Performed by: Jackie Richards & Yanaëlle Thiran
Music: ‘Hassidic Melody No. 24’ by Burning Bush; ‘San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)’ y Scott McKenzie; ‘Forest Sleep and Relaxing Sounds’, Pt. 01 to 04 by Natural Sound Makers; ‘Hold on to It – Jonny Nash Remix’ by B. J. Smith and ‘Movement 1 Ether’ by DJ Drez
Costumes: Jackie Richards & Yanaëlle Thiran
Text: Yanaëlle Thiran

Performed at the University of Chichester (UK)

Flush Dance!

Whilst having a break in Warrington Peter and I went to Odeon-Luxe to see “Elvis” film. I could not resist dancing in the ladies’ cloakroom. It was a huge space and no one was there; brightly lit, clean and music was playing. A young woman came in and kindly videoed me! The Elvis film was good too!

Its only Ever Now

The film was inspired by rap artist Kate Tempest whose words, interpreted by older dancers, become part of an intergenerational conversation. Silver Award Joie de Vivre Short Dance Film Competition 2016 to celebrate dance by, with and for older people. Choreography Molly Wright

Inspired by Kae Tempest’s spoken word, this film by Damn Fine Dance won the Silver Award from Pavilion Dance South West’s Joie de Vivre Short Dance Film Competition in 2016.

Move Dance Feel

A series of short films, this one in particular focussing on the theme of Oneness created by the women of Move Dance Feel in a week long dance intensive. Please share to help raise awareness of this amazing project, and to show what dance can do in the context of cancer diagnosis, recovery and support.
For more information visit – See Emily Jenkins on this website Dance Page or click

Choreographer Emily Jenkins and dancers

Alice Underwood Films

The opportunity to express in dance and words my feelings about joy and life

Counterpoint Dance

Edinburgh Festival 2013

Jump at Indigo 2013

Cronik – Man in the Boot

Cronik Man in the Boot

Amongst other things, I was a film artiste when I left fulltime work. Here is a Grime video I appeared in with Cronik and others. Not the way we want young men to react to one another or the way we expect older people to behave! but in the story the youngsters do help an ‘old Lady’ to find her handbag. She fights back! Watch to the very end beyond the icon.

Word on the Curb

Older Adults having a chance to dance and show the Word on the Curb Community that we can strut our stuff too! Great fun!